War Commander Tricks

WarCommander is a space strategy browser game , which exists in several versions since 2005. It is a hobby project and learns no commercial support .WarCommander starts quite entertaining, with nothing more than a planet. There must be addressed, resources to increase its production rates and research to ultimately produce ships , with which one inhabited planet more .


WarCommander is a very fast and aggressive game , and it still provides the opportunity to play technically to move between attacker , defender , robbers and dealers. Even players who are only prefer the construction aspect of the game in WarCommander not uncommon.

There are 6 resources.
The resources that are needed strategic decisions , such as:
– What classes I Colonize planets
– What I am doing research ship
– Ratio in which I build my mines
– I want to do more research or build more

The ship sets out the important decision based on what type of attack and defense you take . There are 4 genera and 4 weapons defense genres that are all different in terms of cost, space / energy combinations. Even more interesting is all due to the different efficiencies among themselves , not follow a simple rock-paper – scissors principle. The sophisticated balancing sets principle that an incorrect decision is hardly possible.

There is a bonus system where you can allocate permanent bonuses drives , weapons and defense systems , and thus has been from the start a very individual account. The voice of the community regarding the improvement and development of the game is elementary . So any suggestions will be fully discussed in plenary and decided very little ” from above”. You ‘ll also a WarCommander , we look forward to you!


War Commander Game

In the browser game War Commander you captured the stars! Or at least some planets that revolve around those. Because here you get the responsibility for your own home world and transfer must monitor their development and expansion .


It all starts in War Commander with the classic collect the necessary resources such as iron, titanium and crystals . But also elements such as gold and hydrogen do you need if you want to colonize distant worlds , which is why the procurement and the reduction should come first . In this way, your planet is still growing and offers many new building options , which also include defenses , because in War Commander you are not alone .

As befits a decent sci- fi game War Commander offers you also the possibility of a shipyard to build and thus also different spaceships. Are you once arrived at this point , you can soon begin to explore and colonize new worlds . Who knows what awaits you in the vastness of space.

War Commander Tips

For a simple game, commander of the war may very pleasant, very reminiscent of games like Starcraft . The game does not try to be extremely complex, which makes life easier for those who just want to spend a few minutes a day on it. The highlight of the application is , no doubt , graphics , both drawings and animations of the characters, vehicles and buildings is very well done and full of little details , which will result in a beautiful presentation. The interface is not left , managing to give a futuristic military look that perfectly matches the rest of the game.


The gameplay is simple enough, but becomes a bit difficult at times. This is because there are times when you do not know where to click to access a specific menu, because they forgot who is building that deals with this tool. However, such a restriction should only appear after you already have all the equipment available, which takes some time . Do missions is one of the weaknesses of the commander of the war, because unfortunately all you need to do is move a building at a certain level or attack many enemies. No challenge is just too easy . At least the focus at this stage is small, invade enemy bases is the real fun of the game And then the game really shows a lot of fun , even a challenge.

Although some weaknesses, commander of the war is big on what really matters , to match (or even exceed ) the same kind of games with ease , whether in a browser or any other platform . If you miss a game of strategy and think that an atmosphere of nostalgia ” would be good,” this is definitely a good option.

War Commander

It was getting a little more time than we had had our dose of real – time strategy game on PC, and despite the fact that the genre began to wane a bit, fans could rightly start wonder about the silence for usually less disturbing in a very prolific category. It did not count on Focus which publishes this month WarCommander a military STR. Domain of choice for developers on PC alongside First Person Shooter, real – time strategy has resulted in a few years to a few flagship video game (Age of Empires , Command & Conquer , and a few others), but also dozens of clones of any flavor , taking most of the time the ideas already exploited without achieving significantly renew the genre . As most of the titles that preceded it , WarCommander has some features that are unique , but it leaves filter at the same time a sense of déjà vu that require us to classify in the category of the apps without surprise, for before all the fans in a lot of STR.


And if that does not mean the game is bad, it means that the player looking for something new may get tired quickly of the content a little too conventional for this title. In contrast, a less demanding player will find an effective summary of everything a military STR is expected , even if the game in question was not intended to revolutionize the genre . The developers have also chosen to build the map of the security by providing an environment that would attract a large majority of players. WarCommander appears indeed as a military tactical RTS that takes place during the Second World War , and more specifically at the time of the Allied landings in Normandy on 6 June 1944. It directs the second battalion of U.S. Rangers in their offensive against the German occupation, and no doubt the fact of taking part in one of the most heroic conflict in history is the main attraction of this app. Game developers do not have much to sloppy work , and we must recognize that the content of WarCommander has been rather consistent. The game has indeed two solo campaigns , from Omaha and Utah beach, of 12 missions each, each year following a distinct progression. In terms of challenge , interest is the appointment because, beyond multiplayer games with up to 8 LAN or internet, each of the two single player campaigns can be covered in 3 different levels of difficulty , knowing that Missions also differ systematically the main objective of optional secondary objectives , but it is more or less useful supplement if you want to end the mission in good conditions . As for the gameplay itself , it can be excited that the game is based on a realistic background to offer a credible content . At the head of your troops , you will have to run a dozen different units each with their own characteristics. We can thus benefit from the experience of the commander to motivate his troops, radioman skills to launch a flare and call for air support , talents rescuer or scout can camouflage to explore quietly enemy installations , a unit whose skills go hand in hand with those of the sniper that has a specific target when firing . Not forgetting of course the heavy artillery : flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and tanks, essential for long distance fighting but forced to recharge between each burst .

In addition to their specific skills your units can be put down to crawl or switch to offensive or defensive mode at any time. The action focuses on the conflict tactics and the game has therefore no resource management (except the need to recover the ammunition boxes ), but there is still the possibility of constructing various military structures through to the firefighter . We can therefore draw its own lines of defense with barbed wire or even bunkers in which it is advisable to place multiple units in order to enhance its effectiveness . If the idea of ​​allowing the units to gain experience over the fighting is not new , it still effectively raise the interest of missions requiring players to carefully consider its action plan . Like other aspects of the game, the achievement is not what we saw best of STR , but it still manages climatic conditions , they directly affecting the gameplay since the rain decreases example the field of vision of your units . Similarly, it will especially take into account the topography insofar as units move more or less quickly depending on the nature of the ground and some reliefs sometimes cause a few surprises such as a grenade at the foot of a slope you inevitably fall back on . With its contents a little too classic, WarCommander only satisfy moderately lovers STR. Beginners and experienced players prefer him probably the attractions of a Command & Conquer .